Looking for a medium

10 days ago

I am looking for a medium. A real medium. well… it wasn’t a very difficult thing to look for 9 years ago. However, it appears very difficult today.

I want to communicate with the spirit or the spirits that hang out in the house we just moved in. Through a medium’s help, I used to be able to help a spirit cross. However, I went on two different sites and spoke to 4 psychics briefly. They all got scared off when I mentioned that I need a medium. Would a real medium that is not afraid of spirit contact me and help me through this? Thank you

9 days ago
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Look for sophea/rravenmoon

8 days ago

call me, i’ll be able to help you and unfold the truth :)

8 days ago

Hi dear,

I will check for you and tell you about it after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

7 days ago

I’m a little late to this topic…however, I am a medium and would be very happy to help you if still needed.

6 days ago

❤️Hi, if you need any advice you can join me for a chat, and let Angels and my guides to bring you answers and guidance to your questions and your situation, and you can choose from my specials 15 mins-$30,20 mins-$40 plus free angel healing!!!Pls, join me for a chat I’m online now.❤️

2 days ago

tell me why do you want to communicate with such as these? because they do not know you, nor would they want to communicate. there was a lot of drama in that house. lots of hidden things.

1 day ago

Hello Blueplanet, if you need help with this, please join me online for a free 6 minute consulation. I have experience in this area and will be able to let you know whether I can help or not, or point you to someone who can. Warmest wishes to all here, Jess

1 day ago

Hi there, i ca n help you with that problem and give you advice