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Hello, and welcome to the Nutrition Q & A Forum!

If you have a nutrition-related question, this is the place to ask it. A certified dietitian with expertise in your area of concern will answer your question here on the forum for simple matters, or offer to set up an online appointment with you to discuss more complex or difficult issues.

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Thank you for joining us, and be healthy!

Sincerely, Paul BitWine Community Moderator

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I am a diabetic who has been exercising regularly. I live on Long Island and am trying to set up the best routine for an at home workout. any suggestions?

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Eva Pinotti RD CDE (evapinotti)

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Howdy Andyl! first of all, congrats for exercising on a regular basis. The most beneficial exercise for you is aerobic. This can be set up easily at home through a walking program. Try to build up to a brisk walk at least 5 times a week, 30 minutes (or more). That time can be spread though out a day. Not knowing your vascular/eye history, I cant comment on a weight regimen for you. Some types of weight lifting arent good for those w/ diabetic vascular or eye disease. Hope this helps! Take care, Eva Pinotti RD CDE