The Truth about TWIN FLAMES

about 1 month ago

Is he/she my twin flame? That is by far one of the most frequent questions I receive as a Psychic…Why? It’s not just because love affairs are a popular topics but because identifying a Twin Flame can actually be tricky….

To explain the reason for that let’s take a step back…

When we incarnate we adopt an Ego, basically the armour that allows us to interact in this dimention without being “torn to shreds” It’s a defence mechanism but if not kept in check can seriously interfear with our spiritual growth and the ability to connect with other souls…it basically goes from being a defence wall to be an actual prison and that is why it’s so hard to find clarity and really understand who is meant to be in your life forever and who is not, because we look at their ego and not their soul.

And that’s where I come in…by connecting with a person soul through my angels I bypass the Ego all together and able to see the actual divine connection free from the “defence walls” if you’re wondering about someone…I’m here to help you.

Love and Light.

about 1 month ago

on line now.

about 1 month ago

On Line now

about 1 month ago

On Line Now! Take advantage of Mercury finally shining light on all confusing love matters…which this is unique Universal configuration you can find out the naked truth!

I’m here for you…

Love and Light


about 1 month ago

On Line Now! Take Advantage of the last full moon power and connect today!