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There are many people out there wondering why they encounter anxiousness, irritability, and various other daunting symptoms on a daily bases. Often times what we put into our bodies causes these ailments without even knowing it. I am here to help you find out what may be causing your physical (ex. intestinal discomfort, fatigue, muscle aches…) and mental (ex. irritability, depression, anxiousness…) battles you fight everyday.


My sister, mom, and I are wheat and milk intolerant and have IBS. My sister being the most extreme case among the three of us was taken to many doctors when she was a kid. No one could tell her why she was getting severe stomach aches and other issues. After finding that wheat and milk were the main villains I started researching and reevaluating my diet. When I refined my diet I became more relaxed and able to think clearer. I took out all food made with preservatives and at first became a vegetarian and now am a vegan. Vegetarianism and veganism, however, is not for everyone, it just turned out to be the perfect diet for myself. So, I did a lot of research to find out why some diets work for some people and some do not. This is only a fragment of my findings and knowlege that I am willing to offer to you. I will answer any questions you have to ask, just give me a chance to answer them.

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