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I offer advise and valuble techniques on many aspects of life, from relationships, marriage, divorce, love- health, diet, nutrition, infertility, trying to concieve, misscarriage, pregnancy- family, child development, budgeting- alternative therapies, sleep, relaxation, stress, improve fertility, skin, hair, weight, wellbeing. And many more. All things life, really does mean All things life.

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Qualifications in- Health, Nutrition, Fats of life, Child development, Understanding Children, Relationship Counciling, Infertility, Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Counciling and Guidance.


I have all the qualifications listed above, but even better I have the experience to go with them, I do not advise from a text book. I am a mother, I have personally had issues with my health and weight, I have been married, Gone through a divorce, I have been through miscarriages of my own, successful pregnancies, issues with fertility, Problems in the bedroom shall we say. Life is a great teacher. I have used my qualifications to get myself through everything life has thrown at me, and I would like to do the same for you. If you need more extensive advice than is available here, I offer something a little extra, I have published e books on subjects like “when having a baby takes more than 9 months”, “The Relationship Bible” “Weight loss and maintenence that REALLY works” “Give your children a step up” and so many more, I am happy to email copies of these publications to all those that I advise, something not many advisors are prepared to do, Why send you the information free when I can keep you chatting for hours to obtain the information? The answer, because like me you didn’t deserve what life threw at you, but unlike me you don’t have to spend months trailing through the internet and books because its all been done for you and why shouldnt you have accssess to it?! All I ask is that you implement the advise I give with an open and egar mind, and I will send you the additional data absolutly free.

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