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i have a a/d in drug and alcohal counciling.i am also a recovering addict.who better to help you.i have also struggled with my weight all my life.i went an had a gastric bypass. i have learned alot about weightloss. i CAN HELP you with your problems. email me at bergboyz1@aol.com

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a/d in drug treatment specialist.i have beat the weight/the addiction/and saved my life.loafed on the sreets for 40 years..i can share my experiance..i can really help you. im also a life coach..


threw out my life ive helped out thousands of people in one way or another.for years and years people ..some i know and some total strangers surround me with their storys about what is going on in their life.when they get comfortable talking to me they usaully start talking about their family issues. this is all done buy telephone…come on and give me a call…william68/aka eazyrider

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