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Devon Metz

Fit Health into Life at Devon Hiking Spa


Whether your goal is to lose weight or to incorporate healthy practices into your daily schedule, Fit Health into Life at Devon Hiking Spa meets your needs. Join us for a fun 3-day getaway in Boulder, Colorado and return home with healthy eating and exercise principles that will improve your life.

The program combines physical activity with real-life, practical nutrition information. Eating at restaurants with a registered dietitian, you learn menu navigation, you tackle the issue of the bread basket, and you learn to stop eating when you are full. In addition, you visit a supermarket, take a close look at the items you regularly buy, and determine which options are most nutritious. And, you return home with a practical, balanced meal plan that fits your lifestyle, addresses your concerns, and allows you to reach your goals.

You will learn to make gradual but significant dietary modifications that transform your life.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, New York University

Registered Dietitian, Commission on Dietetic Registration

Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, Commission on Dietetic Registration

American Dietetic Association member


Devon spent six years working at the nation’s top health spas as a dietitian, hiking guide, fitness instructor, and program coordinator. At the spas, she encountered many individuals who enjoyed a week of healthful eating and daily exercise, only to return home to their same old routines, neglecting their health and wellness. With no take-home tools, individuals were not prepared to make permanent lifestyle changes. In 2007, Devon developed the “Fit Health into Life” program, which combines a fun, active getaway with real life situations, such as navigating restaurant menus and supermarket aisles. The program, based on sound science, includes take-home materials to facilitate gradual changes that actually fit into everyday life!

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